the use of natural veneer

Time: 2011-11-22
      Installation of a thin natural veneer, the wall can make a pure look spectacular. Stone veneer wall requires only a few basic skills, but it is a task is completed, the general homeowner will find yourself rewarded. This process is slightly different, depending on your stone veneer intend to adhere to the surface.
  1 including the expansion you plan to install 3.4 in. metal lath board that if the wall is stone, brick or cement wall. This makes things hold mortar. Distribution of safe use of six inches in all directions except 2-inch lathing. This will ensure that the strip does not strip the wall. Overlap at least 6 inches and horizontal joints, longitudinal seams at least 2 inches. If the stone, brick or concrete wall, skip this step.
  2 with a mortar trowel to spread mortar, metal lath. It is thin, natural veneer but make sure that all slats and level of coverage. Scratch and leaf rake or hand rake the mortar, and mortar is still soft. Allows the application before the stone 48 hours. If the stone, brick or concrete wall, skip this step.
  3 pre-fit stone veneer on the wall. Cut a circle the size of the stone veneer masonry saw with blade. Ensure that each piece of stone veneer is prepped and test equipment, and then began to apply the mortar.
  4-inch-thick application layer of the stone veneer mortar and trowel on the back of your 2-inch natural veneer.

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