Bamboo sheets of bamboo veneer of use

Time: 2011-11-14

  Bamboo sheets bamboo veneer has been widely used technology, gifts, furniture, packaging, sports equipment, decoration, bathroom and other industries, the Company pursuant to the requirements of different customers different products, corresponding to the bamboo production technology developed to meet customer demand for processed products to ensure that customer products and higher pass rate and the lowest loss.
  After a 100-degree heat fumigation, three atmospheric pressure carbonization, skim off the sugar, pesticides sterilization, is the production, small bamboo furniture, bamboo handle, bamboo lines, bamboo box, bamboo racks, bamboo accessories, bamboo frame and process all kinds of bamboo products, bamboo household items, decorative panels of natural bamboo plate. Texture unique, environmentally friendly and durable. Varieties of carbonized bamboo puzzle, puzzle and Natural bamboo bamboo fight zebra sheet, bamboo sheet structure level pressure, vertical bamboo plates, etc. to ensure the bamboo stick high pressure inside and outside the dense, bright color board, bamboo pattern clear, fresh and elegant, flexible, high hardness, quality and stability, bamboo width and thickness according to customer requirements.
  Our company specializes in producing all kinds of bamboo products, such as bamboo flooring, bamboo timber, bamboo furniture board, bamboo board, bamboo panel, bamboo veneer, bamboo slicing veneer material, bamboo sheets, bamboo skin, thin bamboo, bamboo plane slice.
  Glued Laminated Bamboo also known as bamboo furniture board, bamboo board, bamboo panel, bamboo veneer, is a film or a Genzhu, as amended, the squares and glue pressed sheet with excellent physical and mechanical properties, and has a water-swelling coefficient is small, does not dry and does not distort the merits.
  Bamboo sheets bamboo veneer conventional length of 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm and so on, producing wide range of 16mm - 1220mm, thickness range of production 2.0mm - 200mm, long or thin you can custom produce special specifications. We are always waiting for you to come to inquire, are also welcome customized drawings and samples and semi-finished bamboo.


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