Laminate flooring's global popularity

publisher: Polina
Time: 2011-11-13

The recent increase in laminate flooring sales could soon be an international trend as manufacturers and suppliers set their sights on the global market.

While the UK laminate market has looked substantially healthier than other flooring markets for a while now it seems that the time has come for expansion.

Recent US reports have demonstrated that laminate flooring is succeeding outside of the UK, despite a suffering economy and flooring market in America.

Now there are plans to promote laminate floors across Asia, particularly in India and China, reflecting the technological advances which have made laminates more enticing.

In the next fifteen years laminate sales are expected to increase further and will likely reach a milestone of around 2 billion square metres sold shortly after that.

The reason for laminate flooring’s rapid growth in sales is attributed to two key factors which have made the flooring more appealing for homes.

The advances in design mean that laminates can now look as good as real wood flooring, whereas early laminate options were not particularly realistic.

These floors have also been classed as a  'value floor' because they come at very low prices, without compromising on durability or style.

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