How to distinguish between Natural Veneer and Artificial veneer

Time: 2011-11-02
  The following is a distinction between natural Veneer and Artificial veneer of points:
  Natural Veneer and man-made veneer maximum length and width of the feature is limited to natural veneer, long and short of both, as is natural, so sliced ??and cut the size is certainly not the same, and artificial veneer (veneer technology) logs Fang is a specification has to be formed, so are all out of the veneer length 60CM W 250CM (because plywood is kind of specification), the second is a little bit of man-made veneer is almost no defects, such as knot and mineral line, shadow, etc. and so on, so this is why the price is not a natural man-made veneer veneer of large price fluctuations, as a natural veneer with good and bad, and the technological veneer is all the same, of course, the same kind of technological veneer will have a lot of different models, to see what you look like the sample.
  You can also look at the corner of the product, if convergence is a natural, man-made patterns sure to be repeated over a period of variable length, and is not natural! Natural raw materials come from natural veneer, can not change the nature of its texture and more natural aesthetics. If the inner core of all wood materials, the surface using a variety of natural veneer, then it will have a strong three-dimensional, artistic, and has no distortion, no warping features.
  Is relative to the technological veneer, natural Veneer some of the prices to be expensive. At the same time due to large natural veneer of choices, in terms of grade, quality, origin, or color, pattern, finish, have to meet consumer demand. Therefore, the widely decorated in natural wood veneer door, bathroom, kitchen doors.

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