Wood Craft Ideas

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Time: 2011-10-31
  • As skill levels and personal interests develop, you may begin to specialize in certain areas of woodworking and crafting. Experienced woodworkers can use a wide range of woodworking tools and techniques and varieties of wood to complete more advanced crafts such as using hardwoods for furniture pieces. Beginners may start with driftwood, balsa or pine and make derby cars, wall hangings, basic boxes or shelves. Wood craft projects should be chosen based on the materials used and by the skill level and interests of the crafter. The following craft ideas are for beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Easy Wood Crafts for Kids

  • Kids can make simple wood crafts. Toothpicks can be glued together to create sculptures or onto pre-cut patterned pieces. Wood Crafts for Kids uses Popsicle sticks to create simple puppets. After all wood pieces are cut, predrilled and sanded; the body of the puppet is made by connecting dowels to a board piece with fishing line. Additional fishing line is used to connect the arms and legs to the Popsicle sticks.

Garden Wood Crafts

  • Adding whimsical touches to gardens is a common method of landscaping. Susan Luinge of Country Corner Crafts used patterned wood pieces, Spanish moss, a hanger and dowels to create a whimsical garden sign. Other ideas for garden wood crafts are to create garden labeling signs or decorative figures by using scrap pieces of wood, paint sticks, twigs and a little bit of your personality and imagination.

Holiday Wood Crafts

  • Beginning to intermediate wood workers might use a pattern to create holiday-themed yard art. Examples can range from nativity scenes or angels for Christmas to general themes like snowmen and hearts. You can make your own patterns or purchase them online. After completing the pattern and cutting out and assembling the project, it is important to take it one step farther by adding your creativity. At Yard Art Project, patterned designs were grouped together, embellished with nets, signs, other materials like pink flamingos to create unique, interesting and funny displays.

Driftwood Crafts

  • Driftwood plaques, wall hangings and sculptures can be made with basic tools such as hammers, nails, rope or engravers and driftwood, according to Beach Craft, where a variety of driftwood craft ideas are illustrated.

    One craft idea is to take a flat piece of driftwood and engrave an image or design onto the board or plank. Small driftwood pieces can be combined with string, shells, pebbles or other natural elements to create wall hangings and sculptures. A wind chime can be made by drilling holes in small but varying sizes of driftwood and threading a rope through the pieces.

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