What's the Engineered veneer?

publisher: Polina
Time: 2011-10-07

Engineered veneer is a kind of recompose decorative material. This newdecorative material with better quality than that of natural rare wood material, is produced from normal wood or fast-growing wood, according to the theory of bionics and computer stimulation design, by cutting the wood into single board with a thickness of 0.1-0.4mm and using special processes of whitening and dyeing. The engineered veneer uses natural wood as raw material. In its manufacturing processes, all natural properties to heat insulation, isolation, temperature adjustment and humidity adjustment are reserved. According to clients needs, engineered veneer can be made with the texture and color and stronger three-dimensional sense realize your dreams. The physical properties of density and static bending strength of engineered veneer is better than natural veneer in addition, the properties of fire-proofing and antisepsis are better. The engineered veneer is applicable for modern new decoration and traditional classic decoration. Various types and colors meet the increasing individual consumption needs of people. There is at least one type suitable for your selection. The engineered veneer saves your material cost on residential decoration and prevents you from troubles of difficult and impossible connection resulted from texture and color of natural wood. You can make good use of each raw  material that youve bought.Presently, Linkveneer has mainly developed following technical woods of white oak series, red oak series, ebony series, red sandalwood series, soluble red wood series, zebra series, cherry series, walnut series, wenge series, maple series, burl series, beech series and rose wood series. Several series and tens of types have been promoted to the market and hundreds of types are in our technical storage.

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