Deqing Link Decoration Materials Co., Ltd


Deqing Link is an international trade company established in Feb 2006 . From March 2011,We have made equity investment to the EV veneer factory- Ningbo TB Decoration Materials Co., Ltd in Ningbo Zhejiang and Golden Sun Wood Industry Co.,Ltd in Heze Shandong, As an independent company, Total amount of investments - 25 million Yuan.

With attribution and acknowledgment of modern equipment and latest technology, professional staff of the company consists of around 60 employees, with more than 10 years of working experience in this two fields.

OUR MISSIONOur motto: Beat the nature through scientific and technical innovation!

Our business philosophy: Innovation combined with cost-effective management– beneficial for us and our customers

Our sales philosophy: Superior quality. Reasonable price. Excellent service.

Our cooperation philosophy: One city – one customer, and common resources.


Main types of our products:

– Engineered veneer,

– Natural bamboo veneer,

– Dyed veneer,

– Finger-joint veneer,

– Fancy plywood.

Engineered veneer is produced from the modified fast growing trees. The main part of the production process is rotarying of the natural logs, followed by bleaching, dyeing and gluing with technology model.

Our company manufactures engineered veneers, which colors, shapes and texture are inspired and copied from many sorts of natural woods, Versatility is one of our many qualities.
Examples of our commodity: American wood (red oak, white oak, cherry, black walnut, walnut, maple, etc), South American wood (ebony, red sandalwood, etc.), African wood (sapele, wenge, bubinga, chestnut, etc.), Southeast Asian wood (teak, golden teak, etc.), as well as Chinese ash, European white oak and many more.

Engineered veneer fully preserves all the functional characteristics of natural wood. But one of its main advantages is that unlike natural wood, it’s free of defects, uniformly colored and evenly textured.

Our fine-line veneers are widely used for furniture, doors, windows, wrapping profiles,frame, flooring, wallpapers, etc. It is a new category of environment-friendly wood.

As a strong foreign-trade oriented business enterprise, our company is cooperative worldwide. The main target markets are concentrated in Middle East ,Europe,Russia, and Southeast Asia.


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